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After posting some pictures of newly printed Naked Dating Training Thongs a few people have asked me, Why Naked Dating Thongs?  Here's the answer: Step 2 in Naked Dating: Five Steps to Finding The Love of Your Life (while fully clothed and totally sober) asks you to “Train in your thong.” As you look for love during your Naked Dating Experiment, you’ll encounter people who want you and people who won't. Moving forward after facing the ones who won't want you takes training.  This is where “Training in Your Thong” is absolutely crucial.  The thong is NOT about looking good for anyone else but you.  It's more of a metaphorical thong used to help you identify what you need to do in order to be your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Men are asked to train in their thongs. Women are asked to train.  The more comfortable you can become in your thongs, the easier it will be to find the emotional stamina needed to find (and keep) the love of your life.  It will also be easier to spot people who are uncomfortable in their thongs.  Training in your thongs will prove to be empowering, liberating, and enable you to demand and command respect before, during, and after a relationship.

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