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NAKED ADVICE: Girl fears her sexual experiences will be tomorrow's headlines

Dear Harlan:

Why do guys like to share all of their sexual experiences with their friends? I'd like to get closer to a guy I'm dating, but I'm not looking to be tomorrow's headlines. It doesn't seem like any guy can keep his private life private. Help!

–Not a Talker

Dear Not a Talker:

Not all men share their sexual conquests via lunchroom conversations, Facebook status updates, YouTube videos, blogs or Tweets. Guys who do share are just looking to impress (clearly this isn't working for you). The best way to avoid becoming tomorrow's headline is to look at a boyfriend's publishing history. Men who talk will keep talking. Guys who spread rumors don't stop. The quieter guys tend to be the most trustworthy. Before getting close to someone, you can make it clear that you don't want him to kiss and Tweet. If he ever shares, then it ends. Real intimacy involves trust. You need to trust someone before being intimate. If not, trust that you could be tomorrow's news.

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