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Rich Briggs posted a status
"Hello Harlan, and ladies on this site. I posted back in January 2013 regarding getting my confidence and my mojo back. I need to update so"
Nov 17
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when you least expect it, it will happen.what is IT?love.i met him. Have patience friends! See More
Oct 10
elaine posted a blog post

9 months man sober

There should be a 12 step program for people like me. Against all odds I have been single for over…See More
Sep 27
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safety in numbers

That was fast, it doesn't too long before true colors shine through.Twenty percent it was what he…See More
Aug 21
Sheryl replied to Steve Henry's discussion Sadness
"you are definitely ready. taking the risk of asking her means your ready for the possibility of…"
Aug 11
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the risk challenge

the last blog entry was about feeling idle and going nowhere fast. Harlan suggested i pick one…See More
Aug 11
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"well Harlan, didn't you make a comment just in time. yesterday i was invited to a local car…"
Jun 15
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"Sheryl, Do something active. Pick one thing this summer that will put you in rooms with people…"
Jun 15

NAKED ADVICE: Cheating gf doesn't know how to deal with emotional bf

Dear Harlan:

I know I messed up in my relationship, but I want him back. I cheated on him. Sometimes he acts as if everything is OK, but then sometimes he just snaps. Then he says harsh things, but I know he doesn’t mean them. I don’t know if I should wait around and see what happens, or if I should forget about him and find another.

–Unstable But in Love

Dear Unstable:

You messed up, but don’t sit around waiting for him to snap at you like a rabid dog. Clearly, for him, seeing you means seeing the cheating past. Until he can look at you lovingly, he can’t look at you at all. You can try talking it out and try couples’ counseling, but do something other than sitting idle as he barks at you. Yes, you messed up, but never let him or anyone else abuse you.

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