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WOMEN & MEN:  Looking to help people start conversations with potential partners for their Getting Naked Experiments. What's the best way for a man or woman to approach you and start a conversation?  What have you said or done that has worked in the past? What has someone said or done to you that has worked in the past?  Please include as many details as possible!

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Hi (and what you're thinking is always safe). As long as you're not saying it drunk with your pants around your ankles.

I'd love for a girl to just come up to me and say "Hey!  I find you really interesting/attractive/whatever and want to get to know you more.  Do you want to get something to eat?."  By nature, people are insecure.  It's the society in which we live.  So if someone comes up in a reassuring confident way, people will usually go with it.  And if you get rejected, try it again.  Of the 7 billion people on our planet, there are some who will enjoy that approach.  Go for it! 

You've definitely got a point. As long as the person doing the approaching is careful not to seem overbearing or threatening, it would be great.

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