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Hi all, this is my story (if I start to ramble, my apologies I have nothing better to do right at the moment but type)

Okay so the first time I stumbled upon this book I was just killing time at Barnes and Nobles. I picked it up and just figured I would finger through the book just to see what it was all about. I mean come on the title is pretty catchy. So anyway I read the first few pages then decided to download the free sample on my smart phone and just check it out that way. And after running through the free preview on my phone it kind of sparked a little fringe of hope, what could it hurt to just read a book and see what happens right. So I went back the next day and bought the book and starting reading through it that night after work. Well I started off as a positive skeptic thinking there is no way that this one book could take my whole relationship world and throw it on its head, although admittedly there wasn't much of a world to throw about. But by the end of the night I caught myself holding onto every word thinking maybe.. just maybe, and in less than a week I finished the whole book and caught myself seriously walking myself through the 5 steps.

But I still held onto my skeptic uncertainties and besides I was leaving my college dorm in 2 weeks and going home for summer what good could it possibly do at this point anyway right? Well it was a thought anyway, So leading up to my inevitable departure my friends kept taking me out on the town to bars, clubs,... more bars trying to cram, what it seemed like, a whole summer of down town shenanigans into a 2 week endeavor. So I was never really sober long enough in a single room to start putting the 5 steps into play, and even when I thought i was sober enough I had to make myself reconsider because I didn't want just a single night hook-up with some person, who's name I would hardly remember through the fog of the hangover the next morning anyway, not to mention hooking up just isn't me at all.

So it took till about my last week before leaving and heading back to the same barns and noble with a friend for coffee till I actually caught myself in a room, with nothing to hinder myself and I figured, 'ah why not, what's the worse that can happen' And as we walked around the store and ultimately the whole mall by the end of the day any time I would find some lady who caught my eye I would go up and have a meaningless conversation with them. Nothing major just going with my gut, and just building up some confidence in the 5 steps. And by the end of the day I tallied up the conversations and I had spoken to 5 women, I had never met before, and had a conversation that lasted longer than a passing "Hello" with all of them so I felt slightly accomplished to say the least.

But still the little negative seed was still planted firmly in my mind and it would say things like 'you would have done that anyway given you were bored enough to' or 'does it really matter, what came out of it?' but i knew that it was just baby steps to coming to the goals that I wanted to accomplish. And it wasn't until the Wednesday of that week that the skepticism would finally leave me alone. That night my friends decided that we would go down town again and just have a good night out, I just worked my last day at work and felt like celebrating a little anyway. But when we got to the bar before we could even get our drinks I noticed a young lady that I hadn't seen since my freshman year of college and it was obvious that the noticed me too. Well the skepticism was still holding and I just shrugged it off thinking 'there is no way she would recognize me, or hardly even remember me, we only met once and even then didn't talk that much', we got our drinks and started playing pool. Well by the second game I had realized that we had caught each others glances a number of times, and surely that could not have been coincidence. And right about then I tapped my team mate with my pool stick and told him to cover the game for a bit, 'I'll be back in a minute' And just as I started walking her way she left her table and starting walking towards me we met halfway and she asked me if I knew her, well of course I did and she got suddenly bright saying that her friends didn't want her to come talk to me, they didn't think I would have a clue who she was. (funny how that works huh) well we talked for just a minute exchanging plans for the summer, and I ended it with offering her and her friends to a game of pool or something. She politely declined saying they just wanted to hang out and drink for now. And as I returned to my game of pool my whole party was just gathered around the pool table looking at me expectantly and I just gave them the brief quick story. Well a few rounds later we found ourselves by the karaoke machine daring each other to pick a song and sing. And while they were going through the motions I got up to go get another round of drinks and on my way I decided, 'eh why not invite her along too, couldn't hurt right?' and much to my surprise she gladly jumped at the invitation and grabbed one of her friends and joined us at the table next to the karaoke machine, and we sat and shared stories for a little while. I was getting to know her friend a little bit and her mine. But just a little while later while I had left the table getting her and her friend a drink they met me halfway back to the table and didn't join me back to the table. So I just shrugged it off once again, I took a risk it was something but nothing major, but still no harm no foul. So sitting down with my table she comes back and asking me if I've seen her phone. Well I hadn't so I gave her mine to call it, and as soon as she hit call I saw it light up underneath where she was sitting so after picking it up and handing it to her she spent the next few minutes telling the rest of my table how awesome I was and told me that now I had her number, I just text or call her sometime.And then they left again. 

Okay pretty happy skeptic so far, figured I was on my last few days before leaving so I sent her a text the next day.... never heard back. So waited till 2 days before leaving and sent another text asking if she wanted to get lunch before I left town... never heard back. Okay so this is where I became a believer, because in any other situation I would have sat around and stewed and debated and argued with myself with why didn't she respond, what was wrong, was it something I did, said, done? But thankfully the skepticism finally became a believer too and I just gave it to the URT, I never held anything back, didn't play any games, I could walk away from this without any regret and at the very worse case she knows I'm interested, she has my number. And what ever happens at this point will happen. I've embraced that truth with regrets from past relationships. I'm still training in my thongs to get to where I want to be. And I figure as long as I can walk away from every encounter like that with no regrets, then at the very least the book was a good buy. And the fact that I'm taking more risks and putting myself out there more in different rooms with different people. Then that is all I could ever hope for!

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