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Welcome to the Naked Dating forums! Please take a moment and answer the following questions below:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?
  • What excites you most about this experiment?

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Hello all,

My name is Grant Posner, I am 22 years old and a senior in college at Saint Leo University studying Business Management.  I am an avid music lover (real music, not this modern stuff), and I build high-performance electric vehicles with my brother when I have down time.  The current project is going after a world speed record and being dedicated to Breast Cancer Research.

I am here because I talked with Harlan regarding The Naked Roommate this past summer (2011) and he told me about Naked Dating. I am always up for new challenges, so why not!  Also, women are confusing (I can hear the women saying, "no, MEN are the confusing ones".. well welcome to the experiment ladies!) and the guys agree with me (at least most of you probably do..).  I am here to share my stories, my experiences, and maybe get some input on situations I am currently in.  We only have one shot at living, we should make the most out of it!

I am excited to learn more about the experiment.  Harlan ignited a spark in myself and many others with The Naked Roommate and honestly I want to see how this whole thing works for myself and others participating.

Good luck to you all!  May your every dream come true!



My name is Matthew McCann, and I'm 20 years old. I live in Richardson, Texas, and I'm a junior at The University of Texas at Dallas. I'm a research assistant in the Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Laboratory at my university. I love listening to and performing music ranging from classical to country. I love working with technology. I also like to build and work on houses.

I'm here because the experiment sounded interesting. I listened to Harlan speak at my university's orientation, and I was intrigued by his work. After finding out about The Naked Dating Experiment, I thought it would be a great idea to try.

I'm just excited to meet new people and find out how the experiment will progress.

I hope everyone has a great time!



I'm Courtney Rowe, and I'm a sophomore at Towson University.  I'm 19 and majoring in Early Childhood/ Special Education.  I'm really involved on campus; my sorority, Invisible Children, and our main programming board on campus (CAB).  I love to sing, but I haven't done much with it at school except singing in my room.

I'm here because Harlan posted this on Facebook and it looked interesting.  I loved the Naked Roommate books and I'm hoping The Naked Dating will teach me a lot about how people think in the ways of dating.  I think this is a great experiment and I can't wait to see what people have to say.

I'm most excited about this to see what I can do better in the realm of dating; I could use some tips.  I can't wait to talk to some new people.  =)


Hello! My name is Ashley Rodriguez, I'm 19 and a sophmore at Morehead State University. I'm studying to be a pharmacist, hoping to go to UK pharmacy school after I get my bachelors here at MSU. Harlan told me to put that i like star wars, haha. But just episodes 1, 2, and 3.

I'm here because my friends and I went to Harlan's thing last night and it really interested me. I'm curious to see what comes from this. I'm excited to meet new people!

My name is Alex. I am a 3rd year student at South Dakota State University pursing a German degree as well as a degree called Consumer Affairs. I took the elusive "year off" between high school and college and moved far away from home, only to end up 45 miles from home to further my education. I have a very wide range of interests.. Paintball, writing, performing and playing music, dance, gymnastics, bowling.. list goes on.

Im here because I listened to Harlan speak at my university, and he really hit a cord or two. Made me really think about relationships, dating, and love. Im a hopeless romantic that keeps getting thrown into shitty situations. 

I am mostly excited to meet new people and see what will come of this experiment. I enjoy trying new things. 

hello everyone, my name is colton wagner and I am a junior a SDSU studying Ag Business. I am originally from Illinois but I am studying in South Dakota because of the cost savings. I joined this site to hopefully help me find a way to find someone who is willing to give me a chance to show my true self since I am very reserved when I am around people I don't know. I was interested to hear what Harlan had to say about finding someone else and being comfortable with yourself. I hope that being a part of this group will help me in coming out of my shell

Hi! I'm Marlee Braun.  I am a freshman at South Dakota State University and I'm studying medical lab science.  I am here because the whole concept of this sounded amazing.  What excites me the most about this is the possibility of what could come out of it :)

My name is Samantha Jones, yeah like from Sex and the City. I am 20 years old, starting graduate school in the fall for clinical psychology. I am here to get comfortable being uncomfortable, as Harlan puts it. This is my first room that I am putting myself in for my Getting Naked Experiement. The thing that excites me most about this experiment is being in control and knowing how love is found. Also,very excited to meet new people on this site.

I am Cat Richardson. I'm 21 and will be a senior at Emory & Henry College in the fall, double-majoring in Art: Graphic Design and Mass Communications.

I don't think I'm looking for my one true love or anything right now, but I am reading Getting Naked and really enjoying it so far!

I'm looking forward to talking with other people who are doing the same things and taking the same risks as I am, to see what experiences everyone else has to share.

I'm Daniël, 37, from South Africa, Joburg. I kill for coffee; love laughing and enjoy the odd cat.  I'm here because I liked the book and need some 'courage in numbers' to put it all into practice. Excited to meet people and share experiences about our individual 'experiments'.

Hey everyone. My name is Andrew and I am here for 2 reasons. 1. To get my own dating life (although somewhat non-existent) together and 2. To get all of you excited to continue this and make it happen. Remember whenever it's not going well, come find me on here and I will have your back. 

I've always been a team player. No matter if its basketball, in my fraternity or at work. Its all about the team and we are all on the same team here guys so I'll help you in anyway I can. 

What excites me the most is it allows those of us who are really open to be really open and allows to people to not just go out and try to make a change in their own life in dating, but change for other people to if they so desire. 

Hey Gerald,

Do you have a link to your podcast?


Gerald Perlas said:

Hi! I'm Gerald. I'm from Torrance, California. I'm a college student doing my best towards a degree in Communications. I'm a nerd/geek. I love tech, comics (Batman is my favorite!), video games. I have my own weekly podcast, which I like to describe as a personal journal that I share with the entire world. I'm also a total beach bum. I'm here because I enjoyed Harlan's book and I excited to start the experiment, share my experiences and also read experiences by the people here. What excites me the most about this experiment is going out there and showing off my new found confidence. I'm excited to have fun because I have accepted the truth. Looking forward to communicating with the fine people here!

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