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Activity is low around here so lets try to get some discussion going. I had a thought yesterday about dating as a whole. The thought was, "Giving anything your best shot can't fail. In the end there will always be a good story to tell." I'll give an example. This one happened last night. 

Last night a buddy of mine and I went to Steak 'n shake. The waitress we had was a very cute young lady and I said to him "I am going to kick myself if I don't do something." So we talked to her a little bit. More than anyone usually would I suppose and decided, "shit she doesn't even know my name so going straight on would have been kind of awkward for her. So in the tip, I slipped in a business card. 

Now here is the thing about all of this. A week ago I probably wouldn't have done a thing. Just would've gone "Oh man thats creepy. Shouldn't do that." However yesterday I went, ya know what screw it she's cute and I have to try something. Who cares if she calls? Who cares if I see this girl ever again (I mean I care a little obviously) but its a story to tell. If thats all that happens than its worth it. 

Was it the boldest move? No but its a move. Maybe in other situations I can be bolder. So does anyone else have any stories of doing something like this. Something a little different than just asking someone out. 

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That's perfect. Not creepy at all. Following her to her car after her shift... now that would have been creepy. Just letting her know you're interested is a victory. This reminds of a story a married couple shared with me about their first meeting. He was a shoe salesman and she was a customer. After selling her a pair of shoes, he slipped his card into the shoebox with a note asking her out. She found it at home. Her sister encouraged her to take him up on the offer. It took him taking a risk and her opening herself up to find love. It happens like this all the time. The more comfortable you become at with the URT, the easier it gets. Please keep sharing...

Ok got another for all of you. Today I was scrolling through my Facebook page and read a status of a girl I had a class with my Freshman year of high school (5 years ago.) We talked every now and then but never all that much but I always thought she was gorgeous. So this time, I was going to "Be bold" and let her know. Found out she's had a crush on me but also found out she is seeing someone. However, I also know she just "creeped" through my profile because she liked some old profile pictures.

Absolutely incredible. Without accepting the universal truth of rejection, I have no idea if I would ever allow my self to "Be bold" and do something like this. Crazy how things have gone recently thanks to you Harlan.

And you know what? There are so many more women out there who secretly want you.  This is just a trickle...  You're a wanted man.  When this girl is single, who knows what will happen next.  The fact that she shared this with you is another victory.  Keep being bold.  Please keep sharing.

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